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Dear attendees, I would like to share with all of you my experience of a very special, joyful long weekend in Seattle. Throughout my stay at the conference, I felt belonged, comfortable, relaxed, happy. I have had tremendous fun and created close relationships with several of you, with whom I continue to keep in touch….

Want to relive some of those conference memories? Read on to hear about some first UNAVSA Conference experiences from the 2015 Visionary Scholarship Class (Vuong Nguyen, Jennifer Nguyen, Natalie Doan-Dunnum, John Nguyen, Kevin Le, Wesley Tran, Royce Le, Katherine Phan)! — Q: What made you want to come to UNAVSA? Royce: To be quite frank (see…

Dear UNAVSA-12, It is a little prolonged but I wanted to some how convey my feelings to you all and my experiences of the past week. During closing ceremony and Positive Sparks, as I sat anxiously twiddling my thumbs, a female came up from behind and embraced me tightly. Up until that point, I had…


UNAVSA-13 Conference Photos

UNAVSA-13 Conference Photos

Our official conference photos for the 13th Annual UNAVSA conference is now available. Relive your conference experiences!