Blog #11: 20/20 Vision!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Thu-Mai Nguyen and I was part of the UNAVSA visionary class of 2013! For those of you who may not know what the UNAVSA Visionary scholarship is, it basically is a scholarship sponsored by Huy Duong for individuals who are deemed to be passionate, driven, and dedicated to their community. These chosen visionaries are then sponsored to attend their first UNAVSA conference free of charge!

I have the honor of introducing to you our brand new blog series: 20/20 Vision! On this blog, UNAVSA Visionaries will be answering questions posted by YOU! Any question you have regarding becoming a Visionary, what we do in UNAVSA, tips for your local VSA, or even just how to change a tire may be asked right here. Whatever you wish to know about us, you can ask away to your heart’s content.

How does it work? Simply pose a question on our page and one of the Visionaries will respond back in a timely manner. Who’s answering your questions? Read up more about each visionary below:


Huy Duong

Name: Huy Duong

Visionary Class: FOUNDER

Born and raised in San Jose, California, Huy received his Bachelor of Science in Genetics in 2006 from the University of California, Davis. He is now living in the San Francisco Bay Area and always looking for the next great startup.





Name: April Nguyen

Visionary Class: 2012

Meet April, studying pharmacy in her home state of California! While she enjoys swing dancing and kickboxing at the gym, she prefers to work on her six pack one laugh at a time.






Name: Kavi Vu

Visionary Class: 2012

Kavi graduated from University of Georgia in 2013. She is now a video editor at a PR firm in Atlanta, GA. She loves hearing and telling stories that can make people happy.






Name: Tony Tran

Visionary Class: 2012

Born and raised a proud Texan, Tony is finishing up his senior year at Stanford University studying Product Design. In his free time, Tony likes to play sports and video games, as well as practice photography. If you’re ever around him, make sure to say “cheese!”





Name: Frank Huynh

Visionary Class: 2012

Originally from Newburgh, New York, Frank graduated from George Washington University in 2014 as a bio major. Though originally Pre-Med, Frank now is working in the Business Development sector of a government contractor as a proposal writer. In his spare time, he loves to design clothing, stuff his face with gross amounts of food, and occasionally indulge in a K-Drama.






Name: Thu-Mai Nguyen

Visionary Class: 2013

Thu-Mai is currently a student at the University of Houston studying Kinesiology with a minor in Dance. She is the current president of UH VSA and enjoys food, British television, and loud laughs!




Name: Anna Chi Nguyen

Visionary Class: 2013

Raised in Dallas, Texas, Anna received her Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Business in Spring 2013 at the University of Texas at Dallas. She is now living in Bay Area working as a Software Training Specialist for an electronic medical records company. She spends most of her time up in the air, where the airport is considered her second office.


Name: Thanh-Thanh Pham

Visionary Class: 2013

Thanh-Thanh is a junior mass communication major concentrating in public relations at Louisiana State University. She spends most, if not all of her time being president of VSA-LSU. While she has a strong passion for singing, her ultimate goal is to become the next Olivia Pope or Giuliana Rancic.






Name: Joseph Dang

Visionary Class: 2013

Joseph (Joe) Dang is a pharmacy student at the University of Illinois at Chicago. When not reviewing medications, he loves searching for new recipes and restaurants to try. If you’re ever looking for suggestions feel free to let him know!




Name: Michelle Tran

Visionary Class: 2014

Michelle is currently studying Information Systems at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. She is the President of UMBC VSA and co-director of MAUVSA Advance Conference IV (M-A! ALL DAY!). She loves to dance, lift, and meet new people!



Name: Celestine Pham

Visionary Class: 2014

Currently a junior at the University of California, Berkeley, Celestine is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in non-profit consulting. She is finishing her term as president of CalVSA and looks forward to kicking off her career in making a positive change in the world. In her spare time, she loves to eat and dance.





Name: An Ho

Visionary Class: 2014

An Ho is a varsity cheerleader for Virginia Commonwealth University and currently studying Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. As the youngest Visionary, you can find him always walking on his hands, playing League of Legends, napping, or writing poems. His dream one day is to win Masterchef!







Name: James Timperley

Visionary Class: 2014

The first Canadian Visionary, James is a student at the University of British Columbia (UBC) studying English Literature and Commerce. After four executive years with UBC Vietnamese Student Society, James is now the current Senior Advisor and also represents Western Canada in UNAVSA’s Council of Regional Representatives. He is an avid cat-lover and coffee addict!




We look forward to answering your life questions! (Note: we reserve the right to not post certain questions). Talk to you all very soon!

Much Love,

Thu-Mai Nguyen